Rolfing® Structural Integration by Karin Wagner Certified Rolfer in Portland, Oregon

Thank You for Your Interest in Rolfing®!

Thank you for your interest in Rolfing!

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an amazing, transformative process that can help you evolve both physically and emotionally. Rolfing can reduce physical pain, improve your posture and balance, and make movement easier. Those who receive Rolfing typically feel younger, more positive, and more engaged with the world. Read more in the Rolfing section.

Rolfing is active and participatory, and I can keep you involved in the process by explaining each activity and its purpose. Learn more about Rolfing, contact me, or set up an appointment here:

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Nervous System class

Classes for the Public

I offer short classes for the public on various topics: healthy footwear, posture, sitting, and the nervous system.
These classes are a perfect complement to your Rolfing, but they are also great for anyone who wants to learn. These classes are very popular and get rave reviews.

Celebrate Dr. Ida Rolf's Birthday with Free Rolfing for Kids

Rolfing for Children
The 12th annual children's clinic will be in May of 2020. Stay tuned for details. Volunteer practitioners offer free sessions for children ages 0-10 to honor the birthday of our founder, Dr. Ida Rolf. We provide gentle bodywork to insure healthy growth and movement patterns, perform a structural check-up for preventative care, and offer treatment for concerns such as scoliosis, growing pains, pigeon toes, and more. Would you like to learn more?


Yoga and Rolfing

Rolfing and Yoga

When you combine Rolfing and yoga, you get synergistic effects beyond the benefits of either alone. As Rolfing opens up new possibilities for movement, yoga provides a way to explore and enhance the new movement patterns. A 10-session series of Rolfing can dramatically propel your yoga practice. Check out the Rolfing and Yoga page for more details and photos!

Healthy Feet

Healthy Feet

Choosing the right footwear is vital for healthy, happy feet. Learn more.

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