Links to Additional Resources

More Information About Rolfing® and Structural Integration:

  • The Rolf Institute: My school, and a great resource for information about Rolfing® Structural Integration. Search here for Rolfers in any state or country.
  • International Association of Structural Integrators: Professional organization that sets standards for the field of Structural Integration. Maintains a directory of practitioners.
  • "Rolf Movement" Videos: These gentle exercises pair with each session in the series to help you integrate the work. You may do them prior to the session as well as after each session, and it's also fine to go through the Rolfing process without using them - it's just for those who want more!

Resources for Healthy Feet and Shoes: Now on the Foot Health page!

General Health Information:

  • Tame the Beast : Science-informed approach to persistant pain. Great animated 5 min video. 
  • Retrain Pain: Easy-to-follow slideshow talks you through how the brain and the body deal with pain, and how we can use simple tricks to speed healing and break the chronic pain cycle.
  • Smart Sitting Article by Mary Bond: Easy-to-read information on how to sit. 13-page PDF.
  • Sitting Article from NPR: Short stop-motion videos show how to make a chair more comfortable.
  • Bones: Photos show genetic variations in bone structure, explaining why people have different body pattern tendencies, including degree of spinal curves and hip flexibility.

Portland Resources for Fitness:

  • Yoga Union, Yoga Refuge, DAYA Foundation, Classes with Todd Jackson: My favorite local yoga studios are now offering online classes – a helpful aid for your Rolfing process. Slow, structurally appropriate, with an emphasis on building awareness.
  • Oregon Ki Society: Aikido training will teach you how to "coordinate mind and body" including using "one-point" as your center of gravity for improved balance and mental focus. At the same time, you will feel yourself connected to the entire universe. Softening the ego to focus on universal connection is incredibly beneficial for the nervous system.
  • Portland Hikers' Field Guide: Searchable hiking guide to the Columbia Gorge and nearby areas.

Portland Practitioners:

  • Move Better Chiropractic, top-notch movement training, bodywork, and chiropractic adjustment (SE 18th & Hawthorne, Vancouver)
  • Therapy/Counseling:
    Meta teaching clinic is a low cost option, great for those without insurance. I love their approach.
    Search for Portland therapists including by insurance coverage.
    Sarah Eckstein, Clinical Pyschologist, warm yet practical help for a variety of issues
  • Equine Natural Movement: Learn to do Structural Integration on horses! Or locate an Equine Structural Integration practitioner locally or nationally. (Battleground, WA)

Recommended Books:

For links to articles about Rolfing, and to see research about Rolfing, see Press.
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