"Karin is an inspired healer. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her work are apparent through her specific detail-oriented approach. She has a rare combination of knowledge, openness, and ability to be present. Since my first session with Karin, my body has been on the fast-track to healing. She took the mystery out of my chronic problems as she unwound them."
- Wendy Jones, Colonic Hydrotherapist

"Not only does my neck feel better but my spirits were lifted too. That was the big shift I was looking for."
- Kurt Radtke

"Karin is very gentle in her work, and she really does make an effort to treat the whole being, not just the physical body. In the bodywork I've had since seeing Karin, I repeatedly get comments about how balanced my body is."
- Shireen Press, Fire and Circus Performer

"Rolfing was a cure for my neck and back. I've got much better posture and less muscle tension and pain after hard work since the Rolfing sessions. The car insurance covered it, but even if not, it would have been worth every penny." 
-Brad Lewis, Moss Treatment and Removal 

"I have an elaborate spinal fusion for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. I interviewed a dozen Rolfers before deciding to try a session with Karin. She is extremely talented, aware, careful and healing. Her treatments have created numerous changes to my posture and overall comfort level. I trust Karin and whole-heartedly recommend her."
- Christine K., Medical Technologist

"Rolfing has changed the way I carry myself and how I feel in my body. I noticed subtle changes after individual sessions and dramatic changes following completion of the 10 Series. I find that I carry far less stress in my body. I have a greater range of motion, and it has helped tremendously with daily activities as well as during exercise. I notice less pain, stiffness and overall soreness following strenuous exercise. Karin is an outstanding practitioner with a kind energy. This is a form of body work that requires trust and a level of comfort to get the most out of the sessions. Karin is gentle and listens to concerns allowing maximum comfort throughout the experience. I'm still experiencing wonderful effects from our sessions. I plan to come back in for the 5 follow up sessions."
- Amy Swift, Medical Student and Fitness Fanatic

"I had wanted to do the 10 Sessions of Rolfing for years.... Then plantar fasciitis (a running injury) put me out of commission from athletic competition for over six years. I had tried everything, but the fasciitis would always come back. It has been over nine months since I finished my sessions with Karin, and I am running with no pain!"
- Elaine Jane Cole, Graduate student and 40-Something Triathlete
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