Your First Visit

Office Seating

Time: 60-90 minutes (follow-up visits will be 60-75 minutes). If you have a printer, please print and fill out the intake form.  

Cost: Each Rolfing session is $205.  $5 discount ($200) for cash or check at time-of-service. All card types are accepted, including Health Savings Account cards. Venmo and Paypal are accepted.

Please contact me if this is a hardship.

I offer manual therapy for accident recovery, at $50 per 15 minute unit. If you have an MVA claim, I can bill your auto insurance. Please see FAQ for more info about MVA claims. 

Sessions for infants and children under age 10 are $100, with sliding scale available based on financial need. Children's sessions are about 45 minutes, depending on the age and the individual child. 

Health and safety: Masks optional. I mask with anyone who prefers that.
If you have had *any symptoms* in the past two weeks, including fever above 100 degrees, gastric upset, even shortness of breath or unexplained fatigue - please contact me prior to arriving.
Even if you think it's allergies (sneezing, congestion), please check in with me first.
We agree to inform each other ASAP if either of us develop any symptoms after our session.

Cancellation policy is 24 hours to avoid a fee of $50. In case of emergency or illness, please contact me as soon as you can. Please do not arrive for your session with symptoms -  text me to ask if it's okay.

Attire: What should you wear for your session?
Ideally I prefer to be able to work directly on skin, but I will work through clothing if that suits your comfort level better. Many people simply wear underwear for their sessions.
Other options are short/stretchy shorts (ex. running shorts or boxer briefs), bathing suit, tank top, etc.  Male-identified people may elect to wear no top, while female-indentified people are encouraged to choose a bra or a tanktop that has an open scoop neck, to allow access to the upper back (unlike many sports bras).
If you aren't sure what to wear, feel free to bring several options to your first session.

Sessions: You may choose to receive one session at a time, in which we will address whatever current issues are preventing you from being able to work, play, sleep, exercise, and enjoy life.
Or you may opt for the classic Ten Session Series, the traditional format for Rolfing® Structural Integration. Each session builds on the others. You can try up to Session 3 before making a commitment to the series.

Frequency of future visits: If you are doing a series of 10 sessions, we typically schedule sessions weekly or biweekly, but this can be adjusted to fit your needs. After sessions #3 and #7 are natural points in the series where you may take a break. Sessions require a minimum of 1 hour, but please allow an hour and a half in case we need the extra time.

What to expect: I'll review your health intake form and answer any questions you may have. I'll watch you stand and walk, so I can see how you move and support yourself. Your session will be customized based on my observations. Then you'll lie down on my comfortable table. We'll work at a level where the intensity does not surpass your ability to relax and keep breathing. Sometimes I will ask you to do a slow, gentle movement, like reaching your arm above your head, to help reprogram the movement patterns as I work. Feel free to ask me to explain the purpose of what we are doing as we go along. You'll find more information about the intentions of the first session in in the classic Rolfing series in the Session 1 section. 

At the end of the session, you may feel lighter, or more grounded, or a little spacy, or simply more comfortable. You'll walk again at the end of the session, a chance for you to feel the changes and let me know what you feel, and for me to visually evaluate our progress. I'll give you a few minutes to get dressed, then we'll take care of payment and rescheduling (or you may schedule your next appointment online, at your convenience).

Click to enlarge Improving Head Rotation and Alignment in Session 1

After your session: Please leave time to take a leisurely walk after your session. This will give you an opportunity to tune in to the subtle differences in your feet, legs, hips, spine, shoulders, neck, and head. Also it will ensure that you are grounded and ready to drive or hop on your bicycle. The neighborhood around my office has plenty of beautiful gardens, shops, and restaurants. As with any type of bodywork, please drink sufficient water if you are thirsty. 

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